Make the Most of Free Spins at AU Online Casinos

Online pokies are an incredibly exciting form of entertainment as they are often full of twists and turns that could enhance a player’s experience. One such twist is the concept of free spins. They are quite self-explanatory, but in a nutshell, are spins that the game awards the player free of charge. This way, players can win more money without actually having to put anything extra down out of their own pockets. Naturally, this adds a very exciting element to any online pokies. There are a number of different ways in which these spins can be triggered when playing, a few of which are listed below.

Scatter Symbols

These days, most online pokies have a free spins feature. As mentioned above, there are various different ways in which players can trigger a feature like this one. However, perhaps the easiest and most common way to do this is on the reels themselves. Firstly, players need to familiarise themselves with which symbols represent the scatter feature of their pokies. If Lady Luck is on their side, they will be able to line up a certain number of these symbols on the reels. Should this happen, the game will either automatically start spinning the reels for them without deducting anything from their overall credit balance, or these spins will become available at the end of that round.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols have become an important part of online pokies these days, as they let players complete winning combinations where there would not ordinarily have been any. Essentially, what they do is fill the space of any symbol that is missing from a winning line-up, thus increasing a player’s chance of winning. A lot of the time, online pokies will award free spins when the wild symbol creates a winning combination. Of course, this will help the player win even more, as extra rounds will be added to the games they have already paid for.

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Retriggering Free Spins

When it comes to free spins, players will find that there is often a set number of spins that a game is able to award you at any given time. However, this does not necessarily mean that this feature cannot be retriggered. For example, while it varies from game to game, some online pokies may give players another bonus round if they are able to recreate the match that helped them trigger the spin the first time around. This possibility makes every game just as exciting and unpredictable as the last!

Free spins are always a welcome addition to any game, as they give players a chance to increase their winnings without having to put down any extra money of their own. can help you find the very best online pokies that have the greatest offerings for bonus spins. We compare and review several sites in order to help you find only the best ones. Be sure to join in on the fun and play plenty of bonus games as well!